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"Loadshedding" Common term used in South Africa🇿🇦

Hey Everyone, I hope you're all doing great at the moment. Many people from other countries have heard about loadshedding but for those that haven't, I will inform you on what that word means. The word "loadshedding" means that the only electricity supplier in South Africa does not have enough electricity for the country due to too little capacity and infrastructure. Thus, the only way for them not to cause  damage to their transformers and machines they have to lay out a schedule to the public of South Africa so that the people know what time the power will be off.  On many occasions the power also goes off without the public being notified because there is also criminals that steal copper cables and Network Tower batteries. Yip, this is a common thing here. And sometimes the power also gets disconnect by the electricity supplier because of one or more of their power plants causing unforeseen damages because of too much electricity being used by the publi