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Get paid by the Sun🌞?!

What's up Everyone? Today I just have to tell you about a new platform that I discovered via someone I know and I think this platform could help you too to earn some passive income. The platforms name is Solarium  and they claim to pay around 1.8% daily every week ( Monday to Friday ) for your deposited investment for 9 months. If you have earned more than 300% then that means that you have maxed out and you could invest in a higher package or you could withdraw your money. To deposit and withdraw you will need a btc wallet with just enough money to be able to send and withdraw.Here is more info about Solarium below just to get paid by the sun🌞😎👍   DISCLAIMER - I am not a financial advisor and I am not giving you financial advice. - I joined this platform with minimum deposit. - Remember to only risk what you can afford to lose. Every thing in life is a gamble and contains risk. - Markets and Crypto markets can change any time and can affect

Why I invested in Cashfxgroup

Hey Everyone I'm back with another informative passive income platform that you should definitely use. I hope you are all doing good at the time of reading this post. What is Cashfxgroup ? Cashfxgroup is a passive income source where a person can earn more or less 4% interest per week back from your investment. There are different educational packages that you can begin with where the smallest package starts from $300. So whatever amount you invest, you will eventually over a long period of time get almost double your money back. How do I deposit on CashFXGroup ?  You will need a bitcoin wallet that will also allow you to deposit  from or withdraw to your bank account. After you have deposited and purchased some bitcoin, then you will need to also have enough bitcoin to also cover the send and receive fees. So you will need your bitcoin deposit address from your Cashfxgroup account so that you can send enough bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet. How do I withdraw? When you have even