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How I became a #Cartoonist ( part 2 )

Hello Everyone I am back with part 2 of how I became a cartoonist. In the first story I spoke about what inspired me and at what age I started drawing. Well this part gets fun. Enjoy So yes I grew up scribbling and drawing things on walls,carpets and then mainly paper. So eventually I had to start going to school as I have reached the right age. No one can stay a kid forever. Funny story is that I spoke mostly portuguese when I was small and very little english. So let me tell you one of the funny stories of things that I did at primary school when I was little.  I don't remember which day or days it was, but it was probably in the early first or second year that I was pronouncing my surname in such a way that it sounded like a swear word. I do know that teachers didn't like it but the other school kids found it amusing😂.  So when the teachers used to ask me what my surname was then I used to say "de Vuk-your-selves" instead of saying "de Vasconcelos

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