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Why You should not be posting all your content on Social Media.

First things first is why would you want to post all your content on social media where the social media creators are the ones who benefit the most from ad revenue to their sites and leave you sometimes with a few pennies.  Wouldn't You rather as a Creator/Artist or whatever you would like to be known as, have people come directly to your website where you can earn more ad revenue and even sell some products directly from your own blog or website. I'm not saying that one should give up posting on social media but try to attract or lure visitors from social media to instead visit your blog/site/app where visitors could potentially become customers.  Try to post like under 30% of your content on social media sites but try to post content that would cause the visitor or fan to become more interested in your content and eventually visit your blog or website. In todays modern technological world one can not just be an artist and post a few posts and expect thousands of fans to just