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How I became a #cartoonist ( part 4 end )

This is the final story of how I became a cartoonist. Enjoy So by now I've given you a few kilobytes of information about my background and where I'm from.  So when I finished school I was working in the family owned shop on the farm. Well I already started working in the shop in the afternoons when I came home from high school. Shop life was a lil bit boring for me but there was days that you would hear some strange things from some customers and it was also fun not living too far from a grocery store, lol😂.  Here is one of the funny things that I would hear from some customers. So this one customers walks into the shop and asks me for a loaf of bread. So I ask him "white or brown bread" and he responds by saying "yes" 😄😄😄Like how the ef am I supposed to know which one he wants now. I was also the worst person to ask for directions. This was before people used gps's or had gps's on their phones. Some drivers would ask me for directio

How I became a #Cartoonist ( part 3 )

Welcome back to the third installment of how I became a cartoonist. I hope you are all  doing well at the time that you are reading this blog👍 In the previous two editions I told you what inspired me and how I got started. I also gave you a little background about my life when I was in primary school. Now I will tell you a little bit about my high school life. In my first two years of high  school I didn't like it so much because of silly school initiations and because we were newbies in high school at the time. But during those early years I also remembered listening to well known singers such as Eminem,D12, Linkin Park,Christina Aguilera,Limp Bizkit,Blink 182,Pink and many many more. Most of these artists  were just starting to become famous. ( Yes, I'm that old😂) I thought kids were naughty in primary school but in high school they were on a totally different level. I remember how some teens would throw chicken eggs in the air and it would land and spill on peo

How I became a #Cartoonist ( part 2 )

Hello Everyone I am back with part 2 of how I became a cartoonist. In the first story I spoke about what inspired me and at what age I started drawing. Well this part gets fun. Enjoy So yes I grew up scribbling and drawing things on walls,carpets and then mainly paper. So eventually I had to start going to school as I have reached the right age. No one can stay a kid forever. Funny story is that I spoke mostly portuguese when I was small and very little english. So let me tell you one of the funny stories of things that I did at primary school when I was little.  I don't remember which day or days it was, but it was probably in the early first or second year that I was pronouncing my surname in such a way that it sounded like a swear word. I do know that teachers didn't like it but the other school kids found it amusing😂.  So when the teachers used to ask me what my surname was then I used to say "de Vuk-your-selves" instead of saying "de Vasconcelos

How I became a #cartoonist ( part 1 )

Hey Everyone, how are you all doing? How did I become a cartoonist? Well, I can start by saying at what age I noticed that I had this talent. Let me begin with a little  background. I grew up on a farm with a shop in the  Gauteng Province of South Africa  many many years ago. I was probably about four or five when I first started drawing. As a kid I would sometimes draw on the walls and carpets in the house with crayons or whatever stationary I could find. My family wasn't impressed with the mess that I made during that time. I also used to take mostly A5 stationary books from the shop and scribble my drawings on each page. My drawings were really ugly at that time too. To be honest I started from scratch. I guess what inspired me also to draw was the cartoons that I used to watch on tv during those young years. Some of the cartoons and shows that I used to watch of what I can remember was Kideo,Pumpkin Patch,Heidi,Lucky Luke,Heman,Robocop,Spiderman,Ironman,Superman,Tra