Why they should make a Movie about the Tokoloshe

 First of all let me explain to you what a tokoloshe is before you spend time researching it on google. Although you are welcome to research the tokoloshe after you have read this post. So a tokoloshe is a short mischevious and very hairy water sprite like creature.

Its like an evil spirit that becomes invisible when it drinks water or swallows a stone. They are mostly known to be sent by others that don't like a person. I have read stories in one of the South African newspapers where a tokoloshe was painting someones face with shoe polish while they were sleeping and another story was about a tokoloshe who was stealing someones clothes from their clothing line.

I think that the tokoloshe could be related to the chupacabra from Mexico as they both seem to appear from the Southern Hemisphere, who knows maybe they were together millions of years ago when all the continents were together before the continental drift happened afterwards.

Many people in South Africa claim to have seen the tokoloshe but I personally have never seen a real tokoloshe. I have only seen them on the newspaper and internet but they all look different from one another but they do resemble some similarities with one another.

Maybe one Tokoloshe is an Uncle and the other one is a Granny and thats why they may look different from each other. So yeah, I think Neill Blomkamp could make an excellent movie about the Tokoloshe from South Africa as I really enjoyed his work from his movies such as District 9 and Chappie. The movie could be a comedy genre or a thriller genre who knows. But it would be cool if they made a movie about this dwarf known as the Tokoloshe.

Do yourself a favour and google image search the tokoloshe and also google search what a tokoloshe is and also check out the google news results about the tokoloshe. 

Image from Pexels