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The Pork episode of Live with Eli🐘

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Why they should make a Movie about the Tokoloshe

 First of all let me explain to you what a tokoloshe is before you spend time researching it on google. Although you are welcome to research the tokoloshe after you have read this post. So a tokoloshe is a short mischevious and very hairy water sprite like creature. Its like an evil spirit that becomes invisible when it drinks water or swallows a stone. They are mostly known to be sent by others that don't like a person. I have read stories in one of the South African newspapers where a tokoloshe was painting someones face with shoe polish while they were sleeping and another story was about a tokoloshe who was stealing someones clothes from their clothing line. I think that the tokoloshe could be related to the chupacabra from Mexico as they both seem to appear from the Southern Hemisphere, who knows maybe they were together millions of years ago when all the continents were together before the continental drift happened afterwards. Many people in South Africa claim to have seen t

USA has shot down 3 UFO's from the sky

Image from Pexels  So most recently 3 ufo's have been shot down by the US air force and according to them the unidentified flying objects were unmanned. So does that mean that  these ships could also belong to China or could these ships maybe be controlled by Aliens from outer space or even Advanced Robotic Intelligence such as the Transformers movie from outer space? Could you imagine Earth suddenly has to deal with Aliens from outer space that start attacking us Earthlings. Don't we humans have enough problems of our own on this planet already? Although it would be interesting if we could capture one of these ships and find out if they are being controlled by humans or civilization from outer space. It's already strange that China could be spying on many Countries around the world but imagine another Intelligent form from outer space also spying on us. For many years there has been UFO encounters and some people claim that they have even been abducted by Aliens. Why Alien

AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) Game Changer or a Threat?

            The pictures on this post were generated through AI technology AI? Most of us have now seen or  heard of AI on the internet,news and other sources. But is AI a good thing for humanity? As far as I know AI can already create artwork,write for you,mimic voices of famous singers and even make deep fake videos with celebrity faces.  Should we see this new technology as a game changer or a threat to humanity because who knows how advanced AI could be in 50 or even a 70 years time? OK, most of us might not live that long to see it but what future lies ahead for the youth of tomorrow.  What if AI starts getting so advanced that it doesn't need the help of humans to function. What I am getting at is what if AI gets so smart that it starts thinking for itself and becomes even smarter than humans. That could be a dangerous thing.  Many of us have seen movies like Terminator or I Robot. Although those movies were fiction it doesn't mean similar events could not happen in the n