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Funny press brakes,driver video

Funny mask promo video


Earn Crypto with Brave Browser

Howzit Everyone, today I want to tell you about Brave Browser and how you can earn free crypto and see less ads just by browsing the web. Brave Browser blocks unwanted ads from most websites and gives you a much beter browsing experience. But in order for you to earn some crypto known as bat ( basic attention token ) you can opt in to only receive ads from the brave network.  You can also earn crypto with brave if you own a website or you have social media pages with youtube,twitter,redit ect. So if someone else uses the brave browser too and they find your website or one of your social media pages then they can tip you in crypto too. I personally use the brave browser and I have been earning some bat crypto every month. You can find the brave browser on the app store of your device. Enjoy👍

Win -Win with Youhodler Dual?

Youhodler  is a crypto wallet that allows you to buy and keep different crypto currencies in your portfolio. There is also an option that allows you to earn interest on your crypto or you can take a loan against the crypto that you own. But there is another cool function in Youhodler called " Dual " where you stake a crypto  of your choice against the usd,euro or crypto stable coin. For example say now you want to stake bat/usd in dual for the  next 12 hours. So if the market goes up or down you will either get paid in bat +apr % or usd +apr%.  It is a win-win for you. Here is some examples and info for you to comprehend some more. Here is the download link too. NOTICE - I am not a financial advisor and you should do your own research on what you want to invest in. - There is still risk involved. Only trade what you can afford to lose.

Another video podcast episode of "Live with Eli🐘"

 Watch the video to listen to another video podcast episode of "Live with Eli🐘"

"Live with Eli🐘" Video podcast- Tortoise joke

  You may have heard my audio podcasts but now you can listen to the very first video podcast episode of Live with Eli🐘

Oh no!

When things don't always go according to plan  

"Loadshedding" Common term used in South Africa🇿🇦

Hey Everyone, I hope you're all doing great at the moment. Many people from other countries have heard about loadshedding but for those that haven't, I will inform you on what that word means. The word "loadshedding" means that the only electricity supplier in South Africa does not have enough electricity for the country due to too little capacity and infrastructure. Thus, the only way for them not to cause  damage to their transformers and machines they have to lay out a schedule to the public of South Africa so that the people know what time the power will be off.  On many occasions the power also goes off without the public being notified because there is also criminals that steal copper cables and Network Tower batteries. Yip, this is a common thing here. And sometimes the power also gets disconnect by the electricity supplier because of one or more of their power plants causing unforeseen damages because of too much electricity being used by the publi

Why I invested in Cashfxgroup

Hey Everyone I'm back with another informative passive income platform that you should definitely use. I hope you are all doing good at the time of reading this post. What is Cashfxgroup ? Cashfxgroup is a passive income source where a person can earn more or less 4% interest per week back from your investment. There are different educational packages that you can begin with where the smallest package starts from $300. So whatever amount you invest, you will eventually over a long period of time get almost double your money back. How do I deposit on CashFXGroup ?  You will need a bitcoin wallet that will also allow you to deposit  from or withdraw to your bank account. After you have deposited and purchased some bitcoin, then you will need to also have enough bitcoin to also cover the send and receive fees. So you will need your bitcoin deposit address from your Cashfxgroup account so that you can send enough bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet. How do I withdraw? When you have even