How I became a #cartoonist ( part 4 end )

This is the final story of how I became a cartoonist. Enjoy

So by now I've given you a few kilobytes of information about my background and where I'm from. 

So when I finished school I was working in the family owned shop on the farm. Well I already started working in the shop in the afternoons when I came home from high school. Shop life was a lil bit boring for me but there was days that you would hear some strange things from some customers and it was also fun not living too far from a grocery store, lol😂. 

Here is one of the funny things that I would hear from some customers. So this one customers walks into the shop and asks me for a loaf of bread. So I ask him "white or brown bread" and he responds by saying "yes"

😄😄😄Like how the ef am I supposed to know which one he wants now. I was also the worst person to ask for directions. This was before people used gps's or had gps's on their phones. Some drivers would ask me for directions and I hoped that they went in the right direction..

During those years I also lost my Mom,Aunt and other familie members and friends  to cancer and other illnesses. There were also lots of customers that we knew that died too. We've been through tough times and sad times. And so have many other people from around the world. One should always trust in God and his plan for everyone. We are all on a journey and we never know when our time will come. 

And now let me get back to the cartoonist part. Anyone who loves drawing can become a cartoonist. But don't quit your day job just yet. Many people including myself draw comics as a hobby because it doesn't pay enough to do it as a full time job. And I also salute all those that are making a living from just drawing comics.Good for you. 

I only published my first digital and print comic in 2014. So what I'm trying to say is never give up on your talents even if they don't make you money and don't just quit your job just because you think that you will earn a living drawing comics. It is also good to do some research before you post or publish your creations online.

I have added some extra useful info below for anyone who wants to become a cartoonist,artist or digital content creator.

- Social Media is also your friend. Use as many platforms as you can and remember the #'s 👍

- If you can learn how to design a website and learn how to market your products online then that's a big bonus.