How I became a #Cartoonist ( part 3 )

Welcome back to the third installment of how I became a cartoonist. I hope you are all  doing well at the time that you are reading this blog👍

In the previous two editions I told you what inspired me and how I got started. I also gave you a little background about my life when I was in primary school. Now I will tell you a little bit about my high school life.

In my first two years of high  school I didn't like it so much because of silly school initiations and because we were newbies in high school at the time. But during those early years I also remembered listening to well known singers such as Eminem,D12, Linkin Park,Christina Aguilera,Limp Bizkit,Blink 182,Pink and many many more. Most of these artists  were just starting to become famous. ( Yes, I'm that old😂)

I thought kids were naughty in primary school but in high school they were on a totally different level. I remember how some teens would throw chicken eggs in the air and it would land and spill on people at school. Others would spray  out the fire extinguisures in class just not to have class lessons the next day. 

And then you would find others that would skip school and go and swim at the river for the day. It was a farm school. Yes, you would also get your smokers and some that would smuggle liquor to school. These were some of the things that teens did at school during the time I was there. So you can just imagine what happened at other schools during that time and probably even today in South Africa.

So yeah, in high school I did have my fun days. I wasn't really popular at school and I didn't really care about being popular either. I would just go to school and try to learn some things that the teachers were teaching us. And when it was break time my friends and I would try some of the jackass stunts at school😄. Yes, I was/ am a fan too.

I still did my comics when I had time. But my comics wasn't perfect yet at that time. I guess you can say that I was getting better and better as those high school years went by. 

Senior year was better because now we were the seniors in school and the newbies had to listen to us when we spoke to them. The newbies didn't get a strict initiation like we got. But it was fun while it lasted.

Yes, I have another funny story of what I did in high school. So I think it was in the second last- or final year of school, I did farm mechanics as a subject at school. But then we had to do a test that required   technical drawings. I didn't do technical drawings at school as I had chosen other subjects. Anyways, so we were doing a technical drawing test which was part of my farm mechanics test. And then the question paper said that we should draw the image that we see into 3d. My drawing ended up looking like a washing machine when the drawing was actually suppose to look like a pipe fitting with four joints😂. The other teens  laughed out loud. So many others failed that test just like I did. High school was fun. I learned a lot during those five years😎

To be continued