How I became a #cartoonist ( part 1 )

Hey Everyone, how are you all doing? How did I become a cartoonist? Well, I can start by saying at what age I noticed that I had this talent.

Let me begin with a little  background. I grew up on a farm with a shop in the  Gauteng Province of South Africa  many many years ago. I was probably about four or five when I first started drawing. As a kid I would sometimes draw on the walls and carpets in the house with crayons or whatever stationary I could find. My family wasn't impressed with the mess that I made during that time. I also used to take mostly A5 stationary books from the shop and scribble my drawings on each page. My drawings were really ugly at that time too. To be honest I started from scratch.

I guess what inspired me also to draw was the cartoons that I used to watch on tv during those young years. Some of the cartoons and shows that I used to watch of what I can remember was Kideo,Pumpkin Patch,Heidi,Lucky Luke,Heman,Robocop,Spiderman,Ironman,Superman,Transformers and many more. Yes,I'm that old🤦🏻‍♂️😄.

Animals that we had on the farm also helped me with ideas and styles for different creatures,eyes and drawings. We had chickens,pigs,sheep,goats ect on the farm and on different times.

I was a shy and also a naughty kid when I was small. That's no lie. I remember when I was a kid and that I had this sheep called "Snoekie" and some days I would go to all the rooms in the house and jump on the bed with Snoekie😂. As I say again, my family wasn't too impressed. 

To be continued...